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Michael Price

Denver based entrepreneur, software developer and artist. Founder and CEO of Echovo.

About Michael Price

Accomplished and results driven developer with 17 years of experience in strategic communications, software, design, and data analytics.

Technology: Ruby, Ruby on Rails, Postgres, MongoDB, Cassandra, Javascript, jQuery, Python, Redis, MYSQL, PHP, CSS, C3, D3, Elasticsearch, Memcache, Foundation, Bootstrap, Wordpress, Git, Git Flow, Github, Twitter API, JSON, Natural Language Toolkit, Meteor, AlchemyAPI, Stripe, Rspec, Cucumber, Cabybara.


Ruby on Rails

Full stack development using the popular open source software.


Built dozens of custom Wordpress sites for easy client maintenance.

Public Relations

Veteran of strategic communications, politics & PR.

Social Media

Specialize in social strategy and data analysis.


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